Scorch, Montana Firefighters

Jun 14, 2018 · Tule Publishing · isbn: 9781944925741

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(United Kingdom edition of Scorch, Montana Firefighters)
Book 4.5 of the Love in Montana Series

Firefighters of Montana

Jacqui Edwards is back in Glacier Creek to wrap up loose ends after the death of her husband, Russ, captain of a group of daring, talented smokejumpers. She wants to stay and reboot her life, but faces an uphill battle shedding the role of the captain’s fragile, grieving widow.

After growing up in foster care, Vin Kingston finally found a family when he joined the smokejumpers. Then, six months ago, his best friend and captain died in a freak jump accident right before his eyes. Vin is consumed with guilt and determined to watch over Russ’ widow. No easy task when the vibrant, beautiful Jacqui is busting out of her shell and challenging Vin’s vow to keep her off limits.

Note: Scorch takes place in Glacier Creek, but Piper and Bastian from His Blushing Bride make a visit.