Jan 1, 2016 · Mills & Boon · isbn: 978-0263915808

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The Marriage He Must Keep

(United Kingdom edition — view American edition)
Book 1 of the Wrong Heirs Duet

Claiming his heir…

When Alessandro Ferrante dutifully married shy heiress Octavia it was a pleasant surprise to discover that his convenient bride was as sweetly sensual as she was beautiful. But when their newborn baby was swapped at the hospital their fragile marriage reached crisis point…and his wife!

Now, with her baby safely back in her arms, the revelation that Alessandro’s family was involved leaves Octavia wanting nothing more to do with him. But Alessandro won’t take no for an answer – after all, in the bedroom she always said yes! He will seduce his wife again and ensure that Octavia – and his child – are his for ever!