Oct 1, 2023 · Harlequin
· ASIN: B0CC521BP6

Cinderella’s Royal Seduction

(Manga edition of Cinderella’s Royal Seduction)

I want to support him as he faces his destiny…even if he doesn’t love me.

Cassiopeia’s greedy stepmother and stepsisters have taken the hotel her father left her, and she is forced to work there like a servant. One day, Prince Rhys of Verina, who is rumored to be looking for a bride, arrives at the hotel. If her stepsisters are chosen as the bride and leaves with their mother, she can take back the hotel. Cassiopeia has faint hopes. However, Rhys told her that he had bought the hotel, and then he said something even more unbelievable. “I came here for you, Cassiopeia, as my wife.” Why…why did the prince choose me as his bride?