Feb 9, 2020 · Harlequin
· ISBN: 9784596066015
· ASIN: B083YT1QG9

Pursued by the Desert Prince

(Manga edition of Pursued by the Desert Prince)
Book 1 of the Sauveterre Siblings

His accusations are baseless, but his kisses are the real thing!

Angelique is a popular designer. She was born into a wealthy family with her twin sister, Trella, and her twin brothers. Because of their fame and beauty, the family is constantly in the tabloids and followed by groundless rumors—in them Angelique is portrayed as a promiscuous celebrity.

One day, an Arabian prince visits her and falsely accuses her of being his sister’s groom’s mistress. She tries to prove him wrong, but before she can, he kisses her. As much as she tries to resist the dazzling desert prince, she can’t seem to forget the passionate sensation of his lips on hers…