The Ultimate Seduction by Dani Collins

Apr 1, 2018 · Harlequin
· ISBN: 9784596256799

The Ultimate Seduction

(Manga edition of The Ultimate Seduction)

Bregnovia’s wealthy leader is rumored to have bought his presidency with an obscene amount of money. For business reasons, Tiffany, the daughter of a US presidential candidate, is asked by her father to meet with him at exclusive club Q-Virtus. But Tiffany dislikes being in the limelight since an accident resulted in the death of her husband and left both her face and body horribly scarred. However the club’s rule of wearing masks emboldens Tiffany, who meets and sleeps with one of the club’s sexy patrons. Never in a million years would she have imagined that her fling was with the man himself, Ryzard