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Jun 22, 2022

A new podcast premiered this month called Three Little Words and their very first episode features my book, A Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire.

The hosts are Claudia and Nicole. I found them on Twitter. I can’t find a website, but you can access the podcast through this link tree site. (Or click on the image below.)

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I plugged in my AirPods and did my stretches. Then I drove to the dentist, and to my Dad’s, and the grocery store. I came home and cleaned the kitchen and they were still talking about my book.

Nicole and Claudia are thorough, engaging, insightful and have a lovely rapport. It was like visiting with friends who came from a very caring place as they staged an intervention over how often my characters’ scalps tingle. #SpoilerAlert: Too often.

I am not offended. That is a well-deserved burn and there were others. (My stories are always convoluted. Readers need a family tree for my cast of thousands. These are personal failings I cannot seem to fix. The first writing advice I ever got was Keep It Simple, Stupid, but I gravitate to a mnemonic that spells out Goat Rodeo. Look at me, right here, digressing.)

They also said some very nice things and I’m super flattered they took so much time to deconstruct my book and came away liking it. I will shamelessly plug the follow up, Innocent’s Nine Month Scandal, and the free read on called Innocent’s Pregnancy Revelation. (Find out what happened to cousin Benny!)

I do feel compelled to defend Harlequin, though. There is a longstanding perception among people who don’t read Harlequin that their books are not well-written. Harlequin is actually very choosy. It took me twenty-five years to crack into their ranks. Their books might be short and priced affordably, but you will always get a quality read.

Having said that, Harlequin does hit the keywords pretty hard in titles and book blurbs. That is the blood-battle of visibility in a crowded digital market. As Nicole guessed, I did not title this book. Fun fact, it was initially given a title with the word ‘revenge’ in it. They changed it at the last minute because they keep their finger on the pulse of reader trends. Redemption was deemed more appealing than revenge.

I’ll end with a huge thank you to Claudia and Nicole at Three Little Words for taking a chance on A Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire. I lol’d when you said “Dani Collins will never listen to this.” I am absolutely narcissistic enough to listen to every single minute and tell everyone I know to do the same. 😉

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