Celebrating Cinderella’s Royal Seduction!

Jan 31, 2020

I’m so excited that Cinderella’s Royal Seduction is finally out on all platforms!

Sopi is exhausted trying to keep her spa from the clutches of her evil stepmother when Prince Rhys Charlemaine turns up to make her feel like a princess for a night. She knows it can’t go further, but Rhys stuns her with a convenient proposal! Can she believe in this fairy tale ending, though?

I’m thrilled to say that Sopi is Canadian and her spa is modelled on Sparkling Hill in Vernon, BC (I moved it to Jasper for artistic reasons.)

Here’s a snippet of one of my favourite scenes:

Through the steam rising off the pool, she watched him unbelt and open his robe, drop it off his shoulders to catch on his bent arms. The muscled globes of his bare butt appeared as he turned and slid free of the robe, draping it over the glass half wall that formed the rail around the pool. He was sculpted like an Olympic swimmer with broad shoulders, narrow hips and muscular thighs.

He pivoted back to face her across the pool, utterly, completely, gloriously naked. A shadow of hair accented the intriguing contours that sectioned his chest and abdomen streaking out to dark nipples and arrowing down his eight-pack abs to—

He dived into the water, shallow and knife sharp, barely making a ripple.

She pushed her face into the stack of towels she held, no longer breathing as she tried to suppress her shock and abject mortification. She fought to push back a rising blush of hot embarrassment and something she didn’t even recognize.

Because she had not only seen their special guest, the prince of Verina, in a private moment. She’d seen the crown jewels.

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