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Apr 29, 2020

Hell hath no fury like a woman whose husband faked his own death.

With all the disruptions lately, I thought I would have to wait longer for my cover for Confessions of an Italian Marriage, but here it is! And I’m thrilled! (Honestly, where is the Harlequin art department getting their jewelry because star-eyes.)

If you follow my newsletter, you’ll know this one as Freja and Giovanni aka The One Where The Husband Fakes His Own Death.

Fun Fact: I was super annoyed at the way Veronica Mars Season Four ended. (Spoiler alert) Logan died and I wanted to believe he faked his death to protect Veronica. That became my inspiration for Giovanni’s ‘death.’

I couldn’t make Freja a detective, but I needed to make her very resourceful and independent, which became a pretty complex backstory. Freja has been through a lot so she’s not just, “Oh, good, you’re alive.” She’s mad. But she’s preparing to marry someone else so Giovanni’s got an axe to grind as well.

Then I took a chance with the way I structured the book and figured my editor would tell me to change it, but she said she read it in one sitting and accepted it without revisions so I guess it worked.

Here’s the official blurb:

He’s back to reclaim her…

But where has he been?

What do you do when your husband goes missing? Flush him out by pretending to marry again! Billionaire Giovanni’s dramatic return forces Freja to confront the deep hurt she felt at his desertion…and the sparks that continue to fly between them…

Giovanni had to go into hiding to protect his new bride, but he’s shocked by the consequences his mysterious past had on Freja. Now he’ll have to let her in closer than he’s allowed anyone before if he’s to save the whirlwind marriage he’s suddenly so compelled to fight for!

I can’t wait to share more of this one with you. You can read the first two chapters on my website. And if you want to know why I chose to put Giovanni in a wheelchair, read my Author Notes.

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