Christmas Comes Early! His Christmas Miracle is Free for a limited time!

Oct 19, 2020

Free for a very limited time!

His Christmas Miracle is a mostly sweet, little bit sexy Christmas-themed romance with a grumpy hero, a sunshine-y heroine, and an adorable four-year-old named Atlas.

Quincy didn’t even know he was a father until he is given custody of his son right before Christmas. Nikki can see he needs help bonding with his son, so she works up an Advent calendar that works a miracle.

If you love small town Christmas, a teensy bit of heart-wrench and a giant wonderful romance, you’ll love this story! Did I mention it’s free? (But again, act fast!! Only for a couple of days)

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Fun fact: His Christmas Miracle is book five (kind of six) in my Love in Montana series. If you like to read in order, start with Hometown Hero here.

*Small annoying disclaimer: at the time of scheduling this post, Barnes and Noble had not yet discounted this book. Sometimes this happens. It is highly frustrating for all concerned. Hopefully it’s working for you now.

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