Consequence of His Revenge – Buy From Harlequin or Mills & Boon today!

Mar 1, 2018

Did you know that Consequence of His Revenge was inspired by the Vancouver 2010 Olympics?

In fact, the initial spark of this story came to me in the early 2000’s, when it was announced the Olympics were coming to Vancouver. I thought Whistler would make a beautiful setting for a Presents and knew right away my heroine was a downhill racer who’d been injured. The hero blames her for her father stealing from him, she’s trying to pay him back, he makes her his mistress, then they learn her father was innocent. (Don’t we all love that twist?)

Read my author notes for more on how the story was fleshed out, but the upshot is, this book was nearly twenty years in the making! It’s pretty special to me.

It comes out on all platforms April 1st, but if you want to download now, find it on Harlequin or Mills & Boon UK today.

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