Countdown Snippet 2 ~ The Prospector’s Only Prospect

Mar 26, 2023

I’m celebrating the final countdown to my release date for The Prospector’s Only Prospect with some exclusive snippets.

With two days to go, enjoy this first kiss…

Without warning, her arms encircled one of his. She hugged it, and she set her forehead below his shoulder. He tried to swallow the lump that formed in his throat.

“You will never be like that with them,” she assured him fervently.

“I’m not a child, Marigold. I don’t need comforting.”

“I do. So shush. Then you can go off to Denver and growl at the rest of the world for a few days. Give me a much-needed break from it.”

“You are such a pain in my ass.” The shard of glass in his chest stung, pressed by a chuckle he refused to release. The fact she made him want to laugh right after a walk through his worst memories was something he both resented and relished. Same as her, he supposed, and looked down the top of her head. How did such a little bit of a thing hold so much honey and vinegar?

“You think you’re not a thorn in mine?” She lifted her head. “Buy me another cushion while you’re away. God knows I need it.”

He lost his battle with what sense he had and scooped his arm around her, pulling her to stand in front of him so he could kiss that smart mouth of hers.

She gave a squeak of shock against the press of his lips to hers and went all stiff, but in the next heartbeat she melted. It was his undoing.

He wrapped both his arms across her back and slanted his head to get a full, satisfying taste of her mouth. Her curves were everything as she pressed into him and her fingertips caressed his collarbone beneath the bend of his collar. Then here was her tongue brushing against his and bringing his cock to full attention.

Even as he groaned, however, she drew a sharp inhale and pushed herself away from him.

Fuck. But also, good. They shouldn’t. But fuck. He wanted to keep her right here but fought the urge. She was being sensible for both of them, pressing her fingertips to her mouth and shaking her head.


“I know. You’re my housekeeper. I won’t treat you the way my mother was treated.” His voice hardened as he saw the similarity. “That won’t happen again,” he vowed.

She was only a faceless silhouette, but he saw her nod.

“Safe travels.” She hurried into the cabin.

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