Cover Reveal – Bound by Their Nine-Month Scandal

Jul 13, 2019

Have you seen the UK cover for Bound by Their Nine-Month Scandal? Me neither, lol! I’ve been head-down writing and missed it appearing online. Thankfully my wonderful website team at Waxcreative (a most grateful and celebratory shout-out to Judyth) found it and today, so did I.

In Bound by Their Nine-Month Scandal, Pia is about to do her duty by her family and succumb to an arranged marriage when a stranger at a masked ball intrigues her. They wind up seizing the moment by seizing each other and go back to their separate lives fully satisfied.

Pia soon realizes there’s a teensy consequence resulting from their impulse and, oh right. She doesn’t have a clue who the father is.

Fun fact: this one will also be my first audio book!



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