Four Weddings and a Baby Sneak Peek!

Oct 8, 2022

Exciting news! I have a Sneak Peek into my Four Weddings and a Baby quartet for you!

You are cordially invited to… the scandal of the wedding season!

In a shocking turn of events, the marriage of billionaire Hunter Waverly, aka the groom, was halted today when it was revealed he has a secret baby with a local waitress! Their one night clearly wasn’t enough…but will this be a real-life Cinderella story?

The drama doesn’t stop there. Our sources say humiliated bride, Eden, decided to take matters–or should we say, the diamond ring–into her own hands and eloped with best man, Remy Sylvain! Those two have had a special connection since that night in Paris…

Meanwhile, maid of honour Quinn is rumoured to have been whisked away by Eden’s brother Micah. And the groom’s sister Vienna? Let’s just say, she has the biggest secret of all…

It’s never a dull moment at a billion-dollar society wedding!

This Sneak Peek includes the first two chapters from each book:

Book 1: Cinderella’s Secret Baby (available now!)
Book 2: Wedding Night with the Wrong Billionaire (Nov 29)
Book 3: A Convenient Ring to Claim Her (Feb 28, 2023)
Book 4: A Baby to Make Her His Bride (Apr 25, 2023)


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