Get a Sweet Deal on Two of my Most Popular Titles…

Jul 20, 2019

An exciting promotion from Harlequin has dropped the price on two of my most popular titles, Consequence of His Revenge and Prince’s Son of Scandal. From today until August 1st, you can find both at $1.99 on all platforms in the US and Canada.

Prince’s Son of Scandal is the exciting conclusion to my Sauveterre Siblings quartet, where Trella finally gets her happily ever after with Xavier. She and Xavier met while she was impersonating her twin sister. When she turns up pregnant, she avoids his calls. He resorts to kidnapping–and marriage–which neither expects to last, but they really are meant for one another. It just takes some drama and angst to figure it out. I hope you enjoy this one!

All the links for this series are here.

Consequence of His Revenge opens with Dante firing Cami before she even starts work at the hotel he owns. He blames her father for ruining his life, but soon learns that the man was innocent and so is Cami. Their brief affair breaks down, but when he comes after her, ready to clear her father’s name, he discovers they’re linked for life in a very unexpected way. I have a terrible soft spot for this book–Cami is a Canadian heroine I dreamed up decades before this book finally saw print. Her hopes get dashed again and again, but she finally gets her happily ever after.

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This promotion runs until Aug 1st.

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