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Jul 26, 2019

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In Not In Her Wildest Dreams, Paige is forced back to her hometown where she works with her high school crush and arch nemesis at her father’s factory. Sterling, the golden boy of Liebe Falls, was never supposed to fall for Paige and she’s still the Wrong Girl, but working alongside her at his father’s factory makes it impossible for him to resist her.

Enjoy this second chance at first love!

Be sure to get the second book in this duet, Only In His Sweetest Dreams.

When her sister leaves her kids with her again, Mercedes is liable to lose her job at a senior’s complex, but she can’t abandon them, too! Enter L.C., handyman and not exactly Father of the Year, but he seems capable able of fixing anything–except the impossible situation they find themselves in.

Amazon US | Nook | Apple Books | More Links

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