Happy #IReadCanadian Day!

Feb 19, 2020

#IReadCanadian is a super-easy day to celebrate! All you have to do is set aside fifteen minutes to read a Canadian author or talk up your love of Canadian literature.

Good news! I’ve got you covered because I’m not only Canadian, but I have a bunch–almost a plethora–of Canadian heroines for you to choose from.

My February Harlequin Presents, Cinderella’s Royal Seduction is the perfect place to start. Sopi grew up near Jasper and the story opens in a spa there.

Poppy in The Maid’s Spanish Secret is from a fictional small town in rural Saskatchewan, and don’t forget Cami in Consequence of His Revenge! She gets fired from her job in Whistler and moves to Vancouver where she learns she is pregnant. Then there’s Lauren in Proof of Their Sin and Natalie in Seduced into the Greek’s World, both from Montreal.

Yes it is time I started writing Canadian heroes…


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