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Nov 13, 2022

With all the doomsaying around Twitter, I thought I’d ask: Do you belong to my Fans & Friends Newsletter?

If you’re receiving this in your inbox, you’re probably already a member of my What’s New feed. If so, Thanks!

If you’re seeing this on social media, please consider joining one or both. They’re different, but both are pretty cool.

What’s New is my blog feed where you’ll get immediate news like price drops and new release reminders in one bite-sized email.

My Fans & Friends Newsletter is a longer note with all my latest book news, personal chatter about what’s going on in my life, gossip about what’s coming next, and sneak peak excerpts before anyone else gets them. Fun fact: you also get Cruel Summer, a free ebook short story as a welcome gift for joining.

Visit the Join Me tab on my website and pick your preference–Join both if you want to!

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