Hooray! The Saloon Girl is here!

May 7, 2024

Get yourself your beverage of choice and clink it with mine! I’m celebrating the release of The Saloon Girl’s Only Shot! It’s as cheeky as homemade whiskey and will erase your cares for a few hours, especially if you consume it straight.

The Saloon Girl’s Only Shot can be read as a stand-alone, but takes place in the same gold-rush Denver as The Prospector’s Only Prospect.

I wanted Owen, Virgil’s best friend, to be my next Quail’s Creek hero because he’s the opposite of Virgil–charming and talkative and a bit of a pot-stirrer. I was curious why Owen and Virgil are such loyal friends and what made Owen aspire to saloon-keeping.

I don’t want to give too much away, but he had a tragedy in his past and struggles on another level as an adult. Both of those things make him the perfect match for Temperance. She’s resilient and resourceful, but she’s sensitive to the scandal in her past. Owen not only doesn’t judge her for it, he puts it in perspective so she begins to forgive herself.

That’s after he refuses to hire her, gets her fired (twice!), offers her the bed he’s already using, then finally hires her himself. Also after he steals a dog for which she gets blamed and sends her to the dress shop where she gets Pretty-Womaned.

Temperance goes through a lot, but she also makes some really nice women friends and learns to stick up for herself and discovers who threw the horseshoe through the window before she saves Owen’s life.

It’s a rollicking adventure that also includes, at my son-in-law’s express request, a brawl in a saloon.

I can’t wait for you to belly-up to the bar and get into this one.

Find it in print and digital on all platforms today.

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