ICYMI – Mastering Her Role 99c

Mar 22, 2020

Did you see this? Mastering Her Role is 99c until the end of March.

In Mastering Her Role, Arianne has a terrible crush on her neighbour, Jason. She’s wasn’t feeling very confident in the bedroom department before she learned he had a sexy alter-ego, Dominic. If she wants a shot with him, she figures she better catch up so she asks Jason to introduce her to Dominic, but he’d rather keep that guy out of their relationship. Nevertheless, they’re soon meeting in a hotel room, getting to know more about each other than they ever thought they would.

When I originally sold Mastering Her Role to Harlequin for their eHarlequin imprint, it was part of a two-book contract, so I wrote Playing The Master as a companion novel. They can be read as standalone, but Dominic and Arianne make a cameo appearance in the second book. If you enjoy Mastering Her Role, you might also enjoy Playing The Master.

Note: They’ve had three different covers, so check to see if you already have them.

Mastering Her Role is 99c until March 31st. Find all the buy links here:

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