Kobo Readers – The Healer is 99c

Jul 19, 2018

Do you get your books from Kobo?

The Healer is on sale on Kobo for 99c in Canada and 74c in the US!

The Healer is one of my favourite books. I wrote it over several years while my kids were still young, finally finishing it during a NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) challenge. While other writers were squeezing out novels of fifty-thousand words, mine came in at a hundred and twenty-plus.

Yes, you’ll get your 99c worth with this epic! It has a big cast of characters, loads of intrigue and dark secrets and betrayals, plus the complex relationships I love building between family members. At the heart is Athadia, an Alvian who possesses the ability to heal with touch. Vaun thinks he’s Kerf, but he’s a half-blood healer. He’s not happy when he finds out he’s mixed. Kerfs consider Alvians the enemy and he happens to be a general in the Kerf army and brother to a king. Things get very complicated, especially when Athadia tells him they should mate and make more Alvians.

Curious? The sale runs from July 19-23rd so act fast.

Happy Beach Reading!

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