KU Readers! Two titles to add to your TBR…

Mar 15, 2021

Fun news for Kindle Unlimited members! I’ve just added two of my backlist titles, Hustled to the Altar and The Healer to KU.

I haven’t tried KU since these books first came out eight (!) years ago. Give me a sec to digest that.

Sixty. Books. Later…

They’re both cherished books. Hustled to the Altar was my Golden Heart finalist in 2002. It’s a silly con-artist caper where all the action happens in one day. It has loads of plot twists and my usual couple-who-belong-together-but-refuse-to-see-it. At one point, it caught the attention of an agent and was out on submission for over a year. All of that encouragement kept me plodding along for another decade until I got The Call.

The Healer was an odd-duck of a book that didn’t and still doesn’t fit with anything else I write. However, shortly after I got The Call from Harlequin, I got another call from a publisher called Champagne. They published The Healer in early 2013 and I quickly learned that one book does not a fanbase make. I was still working my day job and writing as fast as I could for Harlequin so I never wrote another Medieval Fantasy Romance, even though I think there’s a nice story to be told with Athadia’s son and his arranged-marriage wife.

If you’re looking for something that’s a tiny bit different–but also still very much the same–as what I usually write, and you’re a KU subscriber, check these out.

Read The Healer | Read Hustled to the Altar

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