My Own Dream Come True

Jan 15, 2017

One of my goals since becoming a published author has been to rewrite and publish some of the manuscripts I wrote before I sold.

Fitting that in around my other deadlines is a huge challenge, but I found time last year to self-publish this duet. It’s a small labor of love. I adore the romance between Sterling and Paige. They’re a ‘meant to be’ couple who have so many obstacles to overcome. I hope you’ll cheer them on as much as I did.

Then Paige’s brother, Lyle, re-invents himself as L.C., leaving the town where he and Paige were No Good Fogartys to find the love of his life managing a senior’s complex.

If you like multi-generational stories with flawed characters who find the ability to laugh amid heartbreak, this duet is your jam. Enjoy.

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