Prince’s Son of Scandal releases today!

Jan 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

I’m thrilled to start the year by telling you that Trella, the fourth and final Sauveterre Sibling, releases on all platforms today.

Trella has been a recluse for years, so I suppose it’s apropos that she has only been glimpsed here and there in her secretly-pregnant-by-a-prince glory. She first showed up on Netgalley, where one reviewer was kind enough to say this about Prince’s Son of Scandal:

“A stunning conclusion to a fantastically dramatic and emotional series about the four siblings.”

Or you might have caught her early at, where one reviewer very, very kindly said:

“Loved all the books in this series. Dani Collins has eclipsed my old favourite authors and become the one I look forward to the most!”

Excuse me while I have a little cry of gratitude over here and pinch myself while I’m at it. Writing for Harlequin Presents was my dream for twenty-five years.

If you also love Harlequin Presents, along with royalty, scandal, secret babies, a cold and distant hero who kidnaps the heroine then quickly turns protective and marries her, but cannot fall in love with her, plus twins, drama, angst and the occasional one-liner of wit, then look for Prince’s Son of Scandal wherever you buy your digital books. You might still find her on shelves, too.

Welcome to 2018! I hope it’s wonderful to you.

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