Shhh! Cinderella’s Secret Baby is up early!

Sep 1, 2022

I was trying to be clever with my headline, but all my Harlequin Presents/M&B Moderns, including Cinderella’s Secret Baby are always available early if you buy from and Mills & Boon UK.

I can’t believe my Four Weddings and a Baby series is stepping out into the wild already. I only turned in Book Four a couple of weeks ago, but here’s Book One in your hot little hands.

I had so much fun with this series. I love a good saga of characters who all intertwine. (Full disclosure, while I’m writing it, I’m screaming at myself Never Again.) But I love a bunch of stories that let me visit other characters so I can be sure they’re all living HEA.

In this series, the kick-off is Hunter’s wedding to Eden–except it’s interrupted by the revelation he has a baby with Amelia. Hunter leaves with Amelia and, in the next book, Eden runs off with the best man, Remy. By Book Three, maid-of-honor Quinn is having an affair with Eden’s brother. Book Four circles all the way back to Hunter and Amelia when Hunter’s sister, Vienna brings down a fresh scandal upon Amelia’s brother, Jasper.

All of these books can be read as stand-alone or in any order, but if you’re looking for your next series to snuggle up with, I hope you’ll give this a try.

The confession that stopped his billion-dollar wedding!

The scandal of the century…

She’s had the billionaire’s love child! Innocent waitress Amelia Lindor’s encounter with Hunter Waverly was unforgettable. Their chemistry? Off the charts! Their connection? Soul shattering! And, for Amelia, the consequences were life-changing…

Amelia had braced herself to tell Hunter she was pregnant, only to learn he was engaged. Unwilling to endure more heartache, she vowed to raise their daughter alone. Then the news gets out! In a shock turn of events, Hunter’s wholly convenient marriage is halted at the altar as all his attention turns to Amelia…and her secret!

USA TODAY bestselling author Dani Collins thrills in this secret baby romance.

Cinderella’s Secret Baby is available today at and Mills & Boon UK. It releases on all platforms Sep 27th.

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