still searching for the holiday spirit?

Dec 8, 2023

Are you in the mood for a holiday-themed romance, but feel overwhelmed by choice? I’m here to narrow it down for you:

Do you want a sweet, low-drama, no naughtiness reunion romance where the hero broke the heroine’s heart but never forgot her? And is actually still very much in love with her?

Try Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet.

Would you prefer something that dips into a small-town series? Because there are two Christmas romances set in Marietta:

Blame the Mistletoe sees Liz spending Christmas alone, dog-sitting her ex-mother-in-law’s pup. She’s feeling lonely and sorry for herself when she bumps into Blake, who she knows through her ex’s family. He’s also a single-parent, his son is also away, so they get into shenanigans that turn *very* naughty and complicated once the kids come home.

This has one of my favorite ‘busted’ scenes ever.

If you want all the Christmas feels, pick up His Christmas Miracle.

Niki signs on as nanny for Quincy, who just learned he has a four-year-old son. He’s trying to bond with his boy so Niki helps him by making an Advent calendar of daily activities. Slowly, Quincy opens his heart and lets in not just his son, but Niki, too. There’s a side romance with his father and an old-flame that is the angel on the tree.

This one has all the Christmas trimmings and will definitely tug on your heartstrings, then make them sing.

If you have a taste for high-drama and betrayal and loads of sexual tension, you’ll want to check out Claiming His Christmas Wife.

Imogen is one of my favorite heroines ever. She’s feisty even when she is literally on death’s doorstep, collapsing in the snow. Travis will make you angry before you fall in love with him, but then you’ll root for these two.

I won’t spoil the bit about Imogen’s sister, but it’s pretty fun, too.

Then, guess what? It’s Happy New Year!

I freaking love One Snowbound New Year’s Night. It was challenging to write, keeping the bulk of the story happening in twenty-four hours, but the absolute longing between these two was so fun to write.

They’re spending the last night of their marriage–the eve of their divorce–figuring out what went wrong between them so prepare for some heartbreak, but some heart-mending and, yes, some make-up loving, too.

That’s a lot under the tree, isn’t it? Happy reading!

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