The Baby His Secretary Carries Arrives Today!

Jan 23, 2024

It’s release day for The Baby His Secretary Carries! Hooray!

Here’s what Patty said on Goodreads:

The characters are strong and independent, while Molly is loving, kind and caring which is something Gio never had. They both deserve love and a family. Worth the read. Dani Collins always brings it.

Molly is half in love with her boss, Gio, when she offers to help her friend who longs for a baby. The catch? Her surrogate pregnancy has to be kept secret. When Gio’s grandfather winds up in hospital and his last wish is that Gio marry, guess who Gio turns to?

Molly agrees to pretend they’re engaged, but what happens when Gio’s grandfather recovers and expects them to actually marry?

The official blurb:

The Italian boss’s proposal…the secretary’s secret!

Faced with a hostile takeover, tycoon Gio must strengthen his claim on the Casella family company with a fake engagement. He’ll never commit to a real one again. Despite his forbidden attraction, his dedicated PA Molly is ideal to play his adoring fiancée. The only problem? Molly is pregnant!

Secretly carrying a surrogate baby, Molly can’t reveal the truth of her pregnancy. But knowing Gio’s protecting his legacy, she agrees to the ruse temporarily. Until pretend passion becomes red-hot reality! Will innocent Molly walk away from Gio unscathed or forever burned by his irresistible touch?

The Baby His Secretary Carries is the first half of my Bound by a Surrogate Baby duet.

You can find it on shelves and on all digital platforms now.

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