The Prospector is 99c!

Feb 3, 2024

Eureka! The Prospector’s Only Prospect is 99c!

Act fast!

If you haven’t read my gold-rush in Denver historical romance, here’s what you’re missing:

“I’m obsessed. This is exactly what I’ve wanted in historical romance. It has the tension that the purity culture of the past provides, while allowing for more exploration than regency romance has.” ~ 5 stars, Alli on Goodreads

“I loved this! The Prospector’s Only Prospect was such an entertaining and fun read. I loved the characters, the time period, and the playful banter. It was a delight! It had a great flow and I liked the dual POVs. There was just the right amount of emotion with a little drama and quite a bit of heat. It made me ridiculously happy to read!” ~ 5 stars, Gretchen on Amazon


After eight days in a cramped stagecoach, divorcée Marigold Davis already regrets her decision to come to Denver City to marry, but with her life in Kansas all but incinerated, she needs a husband. Even if she’s not the bride that gold prospector Virgil Gardner is expecting…

Grumpy hard-ss Virgil is no fool. This is not the woman he agreed to marry. It takes a tough-as-nails woman to survive the harshness of a Rocky Mountain gold claim, and this whiskey-eyed, gentle beauty is not the type. Now it’s just a matter of how quickly she’ll quit so he can find a wife who will stick. Someone who can care for the only thing he values more than gold–his children.

If you haven’t read The Prospector’s Only Prospect, grab it quick for 99c.

If you have read it, let me know if you want more! I’m still working on The Saloon Girl’s Only Shot. Should I make it more of a priority? Let me know!

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