Twenty-Five Books! (Actually forty-plus, but who’s counting?)

Mar 30, 2018

I received this lovely milestone notice from Harlequin today, telling me that Consequence of His Revenge, which releases in a few days, is my twenty-fifth title with them. *confetti*

If you’ve followed my journey, you know it took me twenty-five years to make my first sale. Mills and Boon, Harlequin’s London office, called me in May of 2012, almost six years ago, with an offer to buy No Longer Forbidden?

Since then, I’ve self-published seven titles and I’m working on what will be #10 with Tule (Montana Born.) I have  three more books finished and in production with Harlequin. If you’re doing the math at home, that’s…a lot.

Do keep in mind that some of these are novellas or short stories, so I sometimes want to say that this or that title doesn’t really count, but I’m proud as heck of every single one so, honestly, I do count every single one of them. (I’m working on number forty-five. I’ll let you know when my number of published books catches up with my age.)

This is the career I’ve always dreamed of. I owe it to you, Dear Reader. Thank you!!!

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