Want Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience Early?

Sep 1, 2018

Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience is available now on Harlequin and Mills and Boon UK and Australia!

I loved writing Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience for many reasons. First of all, Galila is cute and assertive and spoiled, but deep down she’s very sensitive and has a wonderful capacity for love. Karim has carried the weight of family secrets for years and really needs a woman he can count on. He’s also one of my favourite types of heroes who thinks he’s being brave and doing what’s right for everyone, but he’s actually a complete dope and needs to let down his guard and let someone love him already.

Another thing that made this book fun was writing it with some of my favourite author friends–Tara Pammi, Maya Blake and Caitlin Crews!

Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience is book three in a quartet with these lovelies. Want to know more about how this collaboration came about? Read my Author Notes.

Look for Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience in stores Sep 18 and download from all digital platforms on Oct 1. Pre-Order here.

Here’s a little snippet to whet your appetite (pun intended!):

“Your dress is getting wet.”

The male voice, so deep and velvety it matched the caress of the warm night air, had her turning to peer into the shadows, expecting— Well, she didn’t know who she expected. A man, yes, but not such a man.

He leaned against the edge of an archway, features sharpened by the low light and framed by the drape of his ghutra. He was dangerous and handsome at once. Dangerously handsome with those dark, deeply set eyes and strong jaw beneath a short, black beard. Breath-stealing, in fact, in his gold-trimmed bisht that might have been a deep merlot color. It hung open across wide shoulders to reveal his embroidered thobe, tailored to his muscled chest, collar closed at his throat and decorated by a yellow-sapphire the size of her fist.

She told herself it was the alcohol that made her sway, but she suspected it was the impact of his virility.

He straightened and held out a hand. “Come. Before you ruin perfection.”

Read the first two chapters here.

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