Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet Releases Today!

Nov 8, 2018

Hurray, Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet is finally here and it’s as sweet and pure as maple syrup taffy.

If you’re looking for a Christmas romance light on angst and tall on holiday cheer, this one is for you. Finn and Kristen broke up when they went off to different colleges. They haven’t spoken much since, but he learns she’s alone for the holidays and drops in on her at her new job.

Kristen is the furthest thing from lonely. She’s been recruited by her new boss’s daughter, Sarah, to help plan a vow renewal for her parents. Finn is quickly drawn into the lighthearted intrigue and holiday spirit. There’s singing and games and a ridiculous story about a moose. Love is all around and yes, there’s even maple syrup taffy:

“Ta-da!” Sarah held up a Popsicle stick with a knot of taffy tangled on one end.

“How did you do that?” Kristen rose to watch and Finn came to stand beside her.

Sarah had poured the warmed syrup in stripes across the shallow pan of snow. Handing Kristen the first stick, she took a second and dabbed it on the end of a stripe of syrup. When it began to stick, she carefully rolled until it was a second golden ball of caramel. She gave it to Finn.

Here’s what they’re saying on Netgalley:

“This is the first book I have read by this author… and I would highly recommend it. … The love of a daughter planning a surprise wedding for her dad and step mom. The rekindling of an old romance. The true meaning of the holidays. The help of strangers. There are so many things going on in this book you really can’t wait to see how it ends.” ~ 5 stars, Sheila P.

Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet is available now on all platforms. The quick links are here:

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