Welcome to my new website!

Nov 8, 2017

Hello, come in. Keep your shoes on or feel free to go barefoot, if that’s your jam.

I’m so excited to have this new space for you. I hope you’ll poke around and please tell me if you find anything needing a quick sweep. I’ve got fabulous new ways to explore series, and a hub for lots of Book Extras. There is much more to come and I will announce all new content via my Site News, which gets posted to my home page and can get zapped right to your inbox or feed reader. Sign up to make sure you’ll get notified of all new content.

First, join me in a quick toast of bubbly to Waxcreative. If you think I reflect well here, it’s because Emily and her team are magicians. They make it so easy for you to navigate quickly, drill down, or simply follow your curiosity around the site — especially on your phone. They also offer two really cool ways for you to stay on top of my news.

Another toast goes to Suzanne LeStage at Eyes of Lestage and Jenny McKinney for a truly fun photo shoot on a hot August day. They are also magicians and I can’t wait until we have time for a glass of wine in person soon.

Finally, a toast to my husband, Doug. Living with an author can be an adventure, but he was faced with one who had two looming deadlines and a website renovation along with our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary smack in the middle of all of it. He is a saint. Feel free to send him an entire bottle of tequila.

Ready to explore? Make my Subscribe page your first destination, where you can sign up for all my news or just my new releases, or both!

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