The Barsi on Fifth Duet

Precious jewels and closely-guarded secrets....

About the Barsi on Fifth Duet

In this exciting duet, Gisella and Rozalia are both jewelry makers and both obsessed with find their grandmother’s earrings.

One earring was sold in Hungary to secure their grandmother’s passage to America. The second one was sold to finance the family jewelry store, Barsi on Fifth.

Oh, and did I mention they swore a virginity pact with each other at thirteen? They promised each other they would remain chaste until they fell in love.

Then they meet Kaine and Viktor…

Series Extras

Favorite Quote: A Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire
Notes on A Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire
Notes on Innocent’s Nine-Month Scandal
Favorite Quote: Innocent’s Nine-Month Scandal