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About the by Anonymous Collections

It’s true. Dani Collins is Anonymous. I wrote all the stories in Aphrodite in Bloom and Fetish.

I’ve penned erotic romance in the past, but these ones are also historical. Aphrodite in Bloom takes place during the Regency era, mostly in England. Fetish spans the globe in Victorian times.

These quick reads are very spicy and more explicit than most of my other work. Think Susie Bright level of heat. Many of these stories include people of the same gender, some stories are about more than two people, or people who identify in ways beyond the cis-hetero couples I usually write about.

Fetish is exactly what it says on the tin. You’ll find all the passion and variety of Aphrodite in Bloom plus characters who are exploring sexuality in ways you may not expect.

In other ways, these stories are exactly what you expect from a Dani Collins story. The characters are relatable, the emotions are complex, and there are moments of humor and tenderness. While not every story ends in a marriage proposal, they all have happy endings.

How did I come to write as Anonymous? The funny answer is that I thought I was agreeing to write one story for one collection. Stuff happened and, four years later, I was holding the second book and had written all twenty-two stories.

The longer story is that it was a unique and intriguing opportunity. The historical research stretched my wings as did the fresh dynamics in the varied relationships.

I knew from the jump that these would be published as Anonymous. That allowed me to take risks I might not have taken otherwise.

Why am I revealing myself now? Two reasons.

All the stories in Aphrodite in Bloom will soon be published as novellas in German, as the Lovers and Liaisons Short Story Series. Those will have my name on them so it seems silly to continue to stay Anonymous in English.

More importantly, I know some of my readers will devour these stories. They’re not for everyone, but if you enjoy my spicier stuff, you’ll likely enjoy at least some of the stories in these collections.

Happy reading!