The Feuding Billionaire Brothers

About the Feuding Billionaire Brothers

Thirty-two years ago, on the eve of his marriage to the Spanish film star Paloma Rodriguez, Greek tycoon Nikolai Mylonas ended his affair with Italian model Evelina Casale with a final, torrid night. Nine months later, the women gave birth to sons within days of each other. A war of succession ensued.

Val is a gorgeous Italian who began making his fortune as an international model from the first days of his life. He is older by two days, but he is a bastard–in every way.

Javiero is a hot-blooded Spaniard, legitimate and fiercely protective of his family. He recently lost what looks he had, including his eye, and is now dubbed a beast.

The half-brothers hate one another and have rejected the tainted fortune, but when Niko dies, the embittered, embattled brothers learn they each have a secret heir their father kept hidden from them.

The fight over Niko’s fortune is far from over…