The Quail's Creek Series

About the Quail's Creek Series

One of my favorite lines from The Prospector’s Only Prospect is when Marigold asks Virgil how they settled on calling it The Venturous Mining Company and he says “‘Misery Loves’ didn’t win the popular vote.”

I was tempted to call this series the Venturous Mining Company because I hope to write about all the partners who are carving a life out of the Old West. But that name didn’t win the popular vote. ‘Quail’s Creek’ did.

Then, because I always seem to do things a little bit wonky (I wonder where my characters get it from?) I actually set most of The Saloon Girl’s Only Shot in nearby Denver. That’s where they needed a saloon so that’s where I put it.

I hope you love it anyway. These books are so much fun to write, but I won’t kid you. They’re almost as much work as actual homesteading so I honestly don’t know when the next one will be out. Join my newsletter and you’ll be the first to know!

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