The Raven's Cove Trilogy

Three Men and a Baby on an Island…

About the Raven's Cove Trilogy

Three Men and a Baby on an Island…

When infant Storm’s parents die in a plane crash, nanny Emma is literally left holding the baby. She loves and wants to adopt Storm, but she’s in Raven’s Cove, a remote island on the Westcoast of Canada, on a temporary work visa. She’s told to relinquish Storm to the baby’s adult half-brothers.

Rule #1 – No one sleeps with the nanny

Reid, a jaded corporate consultant, knows how to rescue a failing business—which is what his father’s fly-in fishing resort has become. He doesn’t know anything about midnight feedings or forming a bond. Can Emma teach him to love before she’s forced to leave her new life behind?

Rule #2 – Old flames are off-limits

Logan left Raven’s Cove to design yachts in Florida. He has to right the marina despite his history with the manager, Sophie. She hasn’t forgotten Logan’s brutal rejection ten years ago. Her priorities are her son and grandfather. She needs her job so she’ll look past the past for the good of the resort, but she won’t trust him again.

Rule #3 – Trysts are trouble

His celebrity as a wilderness adventurer makes Trystan a natural for overseeing the eco-tours. He’s the ultimate loner, not expecting to be saddled with Storm’s aunt. Cloe is in no position to raise a baby, but her tiny niece is the only family she has left. She’ll do anything to stay near her, including swab decks for someone who doesn’t seem to like her.