The Raven's Cove Trilogy

Three Men and a Baby on an Island…

About the Raven's Cove Trilogy

Three Men and a Baby on an Island…

Like traveling to fictional Raven’s Cove, bringing this series to readers was a journey and a half.

My mom’s sister, Auntie Honey, (whose real name was Marian) went to visit her son, my cousin, Lorne. For twenty years, he worked in this tiny island village in the middle of BC’s rugged central coast. It’s very remote, but it’s a vital stop for boating traffic, being situated about a day’s sail from the top of Vancouver Island and the bustling hub of Prince Rupert on the mainland.

When Auntie Honey showed me her photos, I thought, “What a great place to set a book!” I had been noodling a story about three brothers who share a father but all with different mothers, who have to take custody of their baby sister. I put all of this together and came up with Three Men and a Baby on an Island in BC.

I began writing in 2018 and even visited my cousin on Denny Island. Life got in the way many times so it was five years before these books were completed, edited, covered, and published so they could find their way to you.

In that time, I’m sad to say both Auntie Honey and Lorne have passed, but I’m so grateful to my aunt for showing me her photos and to Lorne for the hospitality he showed us when we visited him. I wouldn’t have been able to bring this magical setting to life for you without both of them.

Happy reading!