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Meet the No Good Fogartys …

Back when I was struggling to publish, I kept hearing the advice, “Write what you like to read.” First of all, I love reading romance, so, okay.

In the case of these two books, however, I was fuelled by my Jennifer Crusie / Susan Elizabeth Phillips phase. Long stories peopled by quirky characters who cannot get it right until they do.

Except I knew as I was writing these two stories that I wasn’t a good enough writer to do justice to the stories I was trying to tell.

Fast forward a decade or so to 2016. I have thirty books written for two publishers and I’ve also learned how to self-publish. I finally made time to rewrite those two stories and this time I feel like I got it right.

Of course, they’re stories about misfits so they barely go together, beyond the fact they’re about a pair of siblings.

Paige’s story was a murder mystery at one point (now it’s just attempted murder) and the setting was loosely inspired by a company where I once worked, which manufactured stair parts.

L.C. was such a derelict in my earliest versions of Paige’s story, I’m surprised he ever got his own book. But he did and he left town to make it happen. I set his story in a senior’s complex which gave me room to write one of the sweetest romances I’ve ever had the pleasure to invent.

You don’t have to read them together, or in order, but I hope you’ll want to.

Reader Questions

You seem to write a lot of different types of romance. Why?
How long did it take you to get published?

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