Extra Type: Special Features

Some fun extras made up special for readers of The Healer.

The Categorically Romance Podcast

Dani joins hosts Aaron and Alicia on The Categorically Romance Podcast, to reveal behind-the-scenes research for The Prospector’s Only Prospect.

She also shares tips and tricks to writing a series, strategies for battling burn-out, and celebrates the final book in her Four Weddings and a Baby quartet, A Baby to Make Her His Bride.

Samplers – Download Sneak Peeks

Do you prefer to read your bonus content on your device?

These samplers for some of my most popular series contain the first two chapters of each book. One of them, the Christmas Epilogue from The Russian’s Acquisition is a short stand-alone holiday story that shows Clair and Aleksy living happily ever after.

You can download the samplers free from my ProlificWorks page and read them at your leisure.

If you’re looking for your next Dani Collins read, you might also want to check out my New To Dani page.

Blue Spruce Lodge Floorplan

While writing On The Edge, Book One in the Blue Spruce Lodge series, I kept drawing pieces of the floor plan on my white boards.

By the time I began writing Book Two, From The Top, I was wishing for something more permanent–a poster I could pin to my wall and refer to as I continued writing this series.

I found a wonderful artist on Reedsy who also designed my postcards for Blue Spruce Lodge.

Since I found this visual so handy, I thought you would too. If you double click on the image, you should be able to print it out at home.

The Healer Character Guide

Warning: Contains Spoilers


King Olin, fathered Elden by his Queen (unnamed) and Evaneffo (Vaun) by his mistress, Pavellina.

Pavellina was Alvian, living inside the Northern Pass.

Elden married Fallon and they produce Thad.

Fallon has two brothers (twins): Zurgan is king of the Western Kingdom. Lowden had arranged for her to marry the King Breggan of the Southern Kingdom.

Vaun is a General and a Ducet (landowner) and technically a prince. He married in a union arranged by Elden to Lowden’s sister-in-law, Reyda. They produced Lanick, Fedor, Yavin and Mekel with one miscarriage and a stillborn girl that also took Reyda’s life.

Lanick marries Padin, has a friend, Beevel, and builds a rock wall for Master Burran.

Master Burran’s wife is Tallo, a name which means ‘tiny.’

Chador is a colonel, Vaun’s lifetime friend, and second-in-command. He is married to Yondi. They have seven children by the end of the book. Their daughter Corda marries the Alvian Thurendo.

Other soldiers loyal to Elden and Vaun include Bezek, Irid, and Haprig. Divol is the Captain of the King’s Guard.

Sandrick is also a colonel, loyal to Vigo, one of Elden’s Ducets.

Maav is brought forward by her step-father Cruesch to marry Sheveyo.

Isolda is mistress of King Breggan, of the Southern Kingdom. Her brother Handek is killed in the battle between Vaun’s men and Shote traders. She takes up with the Shote Minister Uiseann.


Athadia is Alsoomse Naday Petan, which means First Clan Primary. She is the daughter of First Clan Primary Hiamovi and Sage Elder Wicasa. She is an avowed Healer in all twelve Alvian Disciplines. She conceived Sheveyo with Jirid and a Null daughter when raped by a Shote trader. One of her half-brothers is Madiju. Her elder brother, Kalaki, was supposed to be First Clan Primary, but was killed in battle.

Sheveyo is sixteen and missing his left eye. He is close to his half- brother on his father’s side, Nayati.

Nayati stays with the ship hoping to find and free other Alvians. Wakitsa and Kyagwi are Elders living in The Circle.

Map of Kerfdom

When I was writing The Healer, I drew a map with pencil crayons. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great.

I later had this map made for you to print at home, if you like, and be sure to check out the character guide.