What is Secrets of the A-List?

It’s an exciting serial that is different from all of my other work.

These are not complete novels, but rather episodes like a soap opera with many cliff-hanger endings and exciting plot twists. You’ll want to read the episodes in numerical order to avoid spoilers. Mine is episode ten.

Even though this series is more family drama than romance, I was drawn to the Presents-like setting in Santa Barbara and the luxury lifestyle of the Marshall family. If you are a fan of The Affair, Brothers & Sisters, Dirty Sexy Money, Billions, The Sopranos, Dynasty, and Revenge, you’ll love this series. Here’s a little more about it from Harlequin:

The prestigious Marshall family is America’s best-kept secret. Their business is fixing the screw-ups of the super rich – from infidelity to embezzlement to…well, anything! Only when family patriarch, Harrison, is in accident that leaves him in a coma – his wife Mariella discovers some startling truths about her husband—and about the secrets he has been keeping from her.

Why has he so much cash? Why doesn’t she have power of attorney? And who is this mysterious figure referred to as The Fixer who has been calling the shots behind her back? So begins a power battle for control of the business—and the family. And ultimately to being torn between her sense of right and wrong…and protecting her husband, her family…at any price!



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