3-Day Sale on Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet – Hurry!

Nov 7, 2019

Exciting news! For the next few days, Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet will drop to 99c.

This second-chance at first love is a very light, sweet romance between a pair of college sweethearts who fell apart and grew apart, but were always meant to be. Kristen thinks she’s on her own for Christmas so she takes a temporary job with Mistletoe Chalet, a family run ski lodge in the Montana Rockies. Dr. Finn is on his way home for the holidays for the first time in forever. He detours to see Kristen expecting to make amends for their long ago break up, but he’s soon conscripted into decorating, carolling, and planning a secret wedding!

When Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet came out last year, Marsha at Vine Voice said:

There is a lot going on in this story, yet at the heart of it are two people who never really let go of the love they once had and now get the chance to see if it really is the forever kind of love they both are believing in. I enjoyed everything about this story, from the merrily decorated chalet, to the snowed in atmosphere, to one adorable tween with a plan, to Kristen and Finn discovering that love can work if you give it a chance. If you’re in the mood for a very good Christmas Romance then this is one I’d happily recommend.

The 99c price drop is a limited time offer so scoop it up today!

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