Bound by Their Nine-Month Scandal is here! Did you get your copy?

Nov 1, 2019

Bound by Their Nine-Month Scandal should be hitting your eReader today. Not there? Don’t worry, the links are below.

Since I knew Bound by Their Nine-Month Scandal would be coming out around October/November, I gave it a Halloween twist by opening it at a masked ball.

Pia is having a small life crisis, wondering if she should succumb to the arranged marriage her mother wants for her or pursue that nebulous thing called ‘happiness.’ She meets Angelo on a rooftop patio. He’s there to steal something more than Pia’s virginity, but that happens (very much with her blessing.)

They’re strangers in the night expecting never to see one another again, but soon Pia has to track him down because the pregnancy test shows positive! Oops. She’s an introvert from an aristocratic family who is hyper-conscious of duty. He’s a devilish bastard seeking revenge on his terrible brothers–but he wants his baby and he wants Pia. They’re a terrible match with a miracle on their hands. What now?

Brenda on Goodreads gave it 5 stars and said:

I loved Angelo. There was a lot of depth in his character. Despite his quest for revenge and forcing his hand with Pia and overall a complete alpha, he still understood her insecurities and was caring and tender toward her.

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