A New Book for a New Year!

Jan 1, 2021

Happy New Year!

I’m celebrating more than a new year today. I’m also celebrating the release of my fortieth Harlequin Presents, What the Greek’s Wife Needs.

I’m not sure how it happened, either. Back in 2012, I was convinced I’d never sell a book, but I got The Call and here I am in 2021 with forty Harlequins, a dozen books with Tule, and a handful of indie titles, all adding up to older than my birthday years. That’s something!

I’m thrilled that What the Greek’s Wife Needs is a milestone book. It’s a fun marriage reunion with a Canadian heroine, a closed-off hero, and a baby who melts them both into a happy little glob of a family.

She wants to be his wife…

…but only on paper!

Tanja’s whirlwind marriage to Leon Patrakis is over. She hasn’t seen him since he returned to Greece five years ago. Yet, to keep the baby daughter she’s adopting, Tanja has a last request: she and Leon stay wed…in name only.

Leaving behind his exhilarating connection to Tanja wasn’t easy for Leon. Yet, to shield her from his family’s notorious reputation, he had no choice. He can’t reject Tanja’s request to make her dreams of a family come true. But ignoring their still-smoldering electricity? Impossible!

Here’s what they’re saying on Goodreads:

“This book was exactly what I needed… The MCs were flawed and yet so likeable. The dialogue was really great with some amusing one liners…. Add to that an adorable baby, an enchanted hero and a touching epilogue, making it a really wonderful read. Well deserved 5 stars.” ~Ishara

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