Check Out This Sweet and Sexy Cover for Her Impossible Baby Bombshell

Jan 21, 2021

The best way to wake up is to a new cover and I’m absolutely googly-eyed over this one. Ivy is on bedrest so the fact Jun Li is snuggling her so tenderly gives me the warm fuzzies while that gorgeous nightgown says it all about their sexual chemistry.

In this story, I wanted to invert the unexpected pregnancy and put it on my hero. He made sure he couldn’t get a woman pregnant. Then Ivy turns up and claims her baby is his. He has every reason to believe she’s lying, but he has been looking for an excuse to see her again. How will they proceed? (Spoiler alert: there is a very cute pool scene where he proposes.)

As for the setting, my editor had suggested I set a book in Asia and I said, Yes please! It was the middle of 2020 and I couldn’t go anywhere. Online, however, I visited Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong… It was the best trip I’ve never taken. I hope you enjoy it too!

Here’s the blurb:

He’d planned for everything…

Except becoming a father!

A life of hardship and crushing responsibility left billionaire Tsai Jun Li never wanting a child to suffer the same. He made sure he couldn’t have children. So when Ivy Lam, the woman he shared one mesmerizing encounter with, appears claiming she’s pregnant, he needs proof!

After a painful relationship, Ivy’s night with Jun Li was a magical fresh start. Now she’s preparing for unexpected motherhood…but she didn’t plan on being whisked away to Shanghai! Because it’s suddenly clear Jun Li won’t relinquish his claim…to his baby or to Ivy!

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