An Sneak Peek at the Innocent in the Sheikh’s Palace

Oct 1, 2020

A heroine with a Happiness List discovers the baby she is carrying is the future king of Baaqi. And that baby’s uncle thinks that’s a perfectly good reason to marry her and whisk her off to his palace.

Hannah has never felt graceful, beautiful, or regal, but she’s soon a new mom and a monarch. She’s not abiding by any of Akin’s rules and he doesn’t know what to do with her. Kiss her? What if he catches happiness from her?

Here’s the official blurb:

His desert vow…

To crown the virgin’s baby!

Having failed to find Mr. Right, plain librarian Hannah Meeks decided to start the family she’s desperately wanted on her own. Only to discover that her miracle baby is actually the heir to the throne of Baaqi…

Sheikh Akin Sarraf was the unwanted spare. Now, finding out his late brother had unknowingly fathered a child, Akin’s duty is to bring Hannah to his palace and make her his wife! Marrying for love was always out of the question. But Hannah’s independent spirit is exasperating…until it’s intoxicating…

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