How Convenient! Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience now in Manga!

Sep 23, 2020

I’ve just seen the most beautiful manga version of Sheikh’s Princess of Convenience!

This one includes some fun story changes. Galila falls into the pond! For some reason Karim must carry her inside?

Her dreams of a happy marriage are shattered to pieces…

When Princess Galila of the Kingdom of Khalia is summoned to her brother’s office, she is shocked to see who’s there. It’s the man who had kindly comforted her the night before, leaving her with a precious kiss. Her delight in seeing him again is short-lived, though. He is Sheikh Karim of Zyria and he’s there to ask for her hand in marriage.

It all feels too sudden, but there’s a secret held by the royal family…

It’s action-packed, too. Check out this helicopter rescue!

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