Check out my Printable Book List!

May 9, 2020

Thanks to the magic genies (actually, they’re real, hardworking people) at Waxcreative, I now have a Printable Book List feature on my site!

I’m super excited. Until now, I was keeping a spreadsheet and trying to be diligent about updating it and including it with my newsletter. We no longer have to rely on my beleaguered brain to remember. It’s all done auto-magically and you can be assured that you’re getting the latest and greatest version when you print it.

Click on the image to view it:

Wait, don’t guess yet. You can sort by publisher, series, release date and more! Do you want all my titles sorted A-X? (I don’t yet have a title that starts with ‘Z’.) Yes! You can sort alphabetically. If you’re in the mood for a bundle or a short, check out the Book Type feature.

So many options, so easy for both of us! Yay!

Check out your options here

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