Christmas Comes Early!

Nov 1, 2018

Lots of Christmas news is coming your way over the next few weeks starting today.

Claiming His Christmas Wife comes out December 1st, but if you want Christmas to come early, it releases on Harlequin and Mills & Boon UK today.

Imogen is one of my favourite heroines. She had a horrible father and a very sad childhood. Her marriage to Travis didn’t work out, but she soldiered on and now she has collapsed in the street.

Travis is notified as her next of kin and fears the worst. Here’s his initial reaction:

Whatever old anger had sent him soaring at the mention of his ex-wife exploded in a percussive flash. He was blind. Falling. Wind whistling in his ears. Air moving too fast for him to catch a gulp.

“What happened?” he managed to grit out. He was dimly aware his eyes were closed, but she was right there in front of him. Laughing, green eyes glimmering with mischief, hair a halo of flames licking at her snowy complexion. Swerving her lashes to cut him a glance. So enchantingly beautiful. Gaze clouding with arousal. Sparking with anger. Looking so wounded and vulnerable that last time he’d seen her, his heart still dipped thinking of it.

He’d quickly learned it was a lie, but that didn’t make any of this easier to accept.

Gone? He couldn’t make it fit in his head. He had told her he never wanted to see her again, but discovered he had secretly believed he would.

From far away, he heard the woman say, “She collapsed on the street. She’s feverish and unconscious. Do you know of any medication we should be aware of? She’s awaiting treatment, but—”

“She’s not dead?” He heard how that sounded as it came out, as if that was what he would have preferred, but leave it to Imogen to set him up to believe one thing, contort his emotions to unbearable degrees, then send him flying in another direction. That calculating, betraying, manipulative— If he could get his hands on her, he’d kill her himself.

Imogen drives Travis crazy, but he’s chronically inflexible, so the way she shakes him up is good for him. I hope you adore them as much as I do.

Claiming His Christmas Wife will be on shelves mid-November and will release on all digital platforms December 1st, but if you want to read it early, you can get it today from:


Mills & Boon UK

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