Did you know you can get A Hidden Heir to Redeem Him early? (Today)

Apr 1, 2020

You can get A Hidden Heir to Redeem Him today–no fooling!–if you shop on Harlequin.com or MillsandBoon.co.uk.

If you’re a member of my bi-monthly newsletter*, you might remember my updates last year as I wrote what I was calling my Brothers Grim. This duet features a pair of competitive alpha-heroes who are half-brothers and can’t stand one other (for many good reasons.) I’m thrilled that these dark, grumpy heroes are finally emerging into the light, starting with Book One releasing direct from Harlequin.com and MillsandBoon.co.uk today.

Officially the duet is titled Feuding Billionaire Brothers and Book One is A Hidden Heir to Redeem Him.

Val, illegitimate black sheep and former underwear model, has just discovered sensitive Kiara had his baby–three years ago. He’s bitter and resentful and wants to walk away, but he can’t. He instantly falls in love with his daughter (which I confess still gives me heart palpitations.) Learning to trust Kiara takes more time, but they are absolutely perfect for one another. I hope you adore them as much as I do!

Buy Now on Harlequin.com or MillsandBoon.co.uk

Be sure to check back for Book Two, Beauty and her One-Night Baby, where scarred and embittered Javiero discovers his father’s PA, Scarlett, is pregnant with his baby when he shows up for the reading of his father’s will and she goes into labor!

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