Early Delivery of Her Impossible Baby Bombshell

May 1, 2021

I had the highest praise from a fan who wrote to tell me this one was “sigh” awesome and she’d already put it on her keeper shelf. (Picture me clutching my chest and blinking back tears.)

When I started this book, I wanted to flip the unplanned pregnancy onto the hero. Romance heroes are always shocked to discover that sex makes babies–seriously, we gotta distribute some information pamphlets or something–but in this case Jun Li has every reason to be stunned. He had a vasectomy when he was in university.

Ivy isn’t looking to obligate him. She wants some health information and figures he should, you know, be careful in future. Of course, his head is exploding because this was never supposed to happen. Now that it has, well, they’re in for a marriage of convenience, sexy times and some drama that I won’t spoil. I hope you enjoy it!

Her Impossible Baby Bombshell releases May 25th, but you can get it today if you shop Harlequin.com or Mills & Boon UK.

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