In Too Deep – 99c for a few days only

Apr 26, 2021

Need a quick, cheap get away? Check into Blue Spruce Lodge, a very affordable place to visit, especially right now. In Too Deep, the third book in this sexy, funny, emotional trilogy is only 99c.

When I was writing From The Top, I had Trigg confide in Nate that he’d had a teen pregnancy scare.

Wait a minute, I thought almost immediately. What if that scare had actually turned into a baby? One who turns up to throw the extremely confident and very confirmed bachelor, Trigg, into a tailspin?

Writing In Too Deep was almost too fun. Trigg seriously doesn’t know how to be a father of a child of any age, let alone a girl hitting adolescence. Sky is a handful at the best of times and here comes pre-teen drama in spades!

What I didn’t know until I’d written the ending of From The Top was what kind of heroine Trigg was getting. All I knew was that the girl who’d been pregnant had had a father who forced her to go through with the pregnancy.

Somehow Wren appeared as that girl’s sister. She’s mousy and way too young to be raising a twelve-year-old, but so resilient and determined to do right by her sister’s kid. Trigg is a handful in his own way and she needed to be tough enough to stand up to him, which she does. And he falls for her. Hard. Sky is not happy.

In some ways, this is a love triangle with all three of them figuring out their role in this family they’re forming. I hope you enjoy it!

If you like to read in order, you’ll want the first two books in the Blue Spruce Lodge trilogy On The Edge and From The Top.

Blue Spruce Lodge is a five-star destination for jetsetters seeking ski-in/ski out accommodation on the newly restored Whiskey Jack Ski Resort.

Or it will be, just as soon as the Johansson brothers, alpine and snowboard champions, find someone to renovate the lodge, dig the resort out from an old avalanche, conquer the protests of hostile locals, and hopefully avoid killing each other in the process.

There is absolutely no room for love at this inn. Or is there?

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